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Many nonprofit orgs depend on bulk mail for donations and informational updates. When using direct mail for donations or fundraising, mailing to previous donors will obviously get the best response rate. However, there are ways to obtain a mailing list for new donors who are the most likely to respond and support the nonprofit organization.

Mail piece design is important but the mailing list is key to a successful campaign. Selecting mail list criteria based on your current donor characteristics will help with your response rate. That type of list is available by providing the list company a sampling of your current donor list and the list company will run your list and come up with people who closely match the characteristics of your current donors.

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Direct Mail and Customer Engagement

In this day of an increasingly technological oriented society its important that our direct marketing campaigns take advantage of the many methods of online consumer engagement; however, to completely do away with a direct mail marketing strategy may result in missed opportunity to attract consumers that are ready and willing to say YES.

Mail Pros has over 15 years experience creating and supporting successful direct mail marketing campaigns. Whether marketing online, or through direct mail, it’s important to thoroughly know your target audience. When you know specific consumer trends, habits, and cultural tendencies it’s easier to deliver materials that speak to the heart, or hit a direct note, and deliver results.

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