Customer Setup and Agreement

*Shipping & handling charge
+Materials will be discarded after 30 days
PLEASE NOTE: 3% handling fee added to all invoices totals

Mail Pros agrees to process your mailing according to postal regulations It is understood that bulk mailing is not the same as first class mailing and may take up to three weeks to arrive at the destination (that is not common for local mail but it does happen). It is recommended that you mail dated pieces well in advance or mail prsrt first class mail. Mail Pros does not accept responsibility for mailing, once delivered to post office. In the event you feel that your mail has not been received at the addresses in the database you requested, Mail Pros will provide a copy of the database used. Mail Pros will also notify the post office of mailing and ask that they perform an investigation and try to track the mail. If it is proven that Mail Pros was negligent or made an error in processing the mail pieces, Mail Pros is limited in liability to the customer for mailing service fees, postage fees and reimbursement for printed materials for said mailing. No other fees or charges may be claimed unless agreed upon in writing prior to the mailing. If the correct database was used and if the mail has been verified by the post office and Mail Pros provides a 3602 consolidated post statement that has been verified and date stamped by the post office, it will be deemed that Mail Pros fulfilled its agreement with the customer.