Personalized Letters

A carefully designed personalized letter can be effective, appealing and save money where least expected.

MailProsUSA prints mail-merge and personalized letters with as many merge fields as needed. The data on the merge letters can be the recipient name, an address or a barcode with a Dear “name.” Or, you can have specific merge fields that speak more directly to the intended recipient. These special fields would simply come from your customer data base or, if for mortgage brokers, it could be a formula based on home value.

It’s your choice whether to print on your letterhead or plain bond paper. If you wish to add color to your letter, it is more cost effective to pre-print a letter “shell” with any color fields pre-printed and then print the body and merge fields in black.

MailProsUSA is a full service direct mail and fulfillment agency. Along with personalized letters we offer other mailing and printing services to fulfill all direct mail marketing needs.

Printing Services

We offer printing services for postcards, brochures, letter-head, flyers, notepads and envelopes. Options include UV glossy printing, color, black and white, and double-sided. Our experience and scale ensures you affordable printing and the best quality. To learn more about our printing services click here: “Printing Services”

Mailing List Services

Let us be your partner to determine your target market or find the appropriate mailing list. Our database includes specific information such as household income, demographics, psychographics, age, and much more. To learn more about our mailing list services please visit: “Mailing List Services”