List Management

MailProsUSA mailing list management services will leverage your data to get the most out of your costumer data

Direct mail marketing is an art form and list management services are integral to a masterful campaign. MailProsUSA is an expert in data processing and postal requirements. It’s associates will help you leverage your consumer or business to business mailing list to cut costs and flawlessly achieve your goals.

Our list management services include:

• List Fulfillment/File Segmentation

• Data Enhancement

• Specified Exclusion

• Dedupe & Merge/Purge

List Fulfillment/File Segmentation: We can segment your mailing list according to psycho-graphic, demographic and geographic data. File segmentation allows you to market to specific target audiences and achieve costumer response for potentially a portion of the cost.

Data Enhancement: The more information you have about people in your database the better off you are to target effectively. Using our data enhancement services you can add more information to your list such as gender, household income, SIC codes, NAICS codes and more. Also, National change of Address will be run on your list to be sure consumer addresses and information is current and up to date.

Specified Exclusion: At times there are people with particular consumer attributes that we specifically do not want to mail to. We can sort through your mailing list to market to everyone BUT an identified group based on demographics, age, income and more.

Dedupe & Merge/Purge: We will identify duplicate addresses and remove them from your direct mail list prior to mailing. You have the choice to dedupe by address (only one mailer per address) or dedupe by name (Each individual will receive your mailer even if another person on your list resides at the address).

Be assured that we keep confidential all information shared by our clients. All costumer lists are kept confidential and will not be used by us, or sold for any other reason other than to serve you.

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