Non Profit Direct Mail – Non Profit Mail

Non Profit Direct Mail can often be a frustrating experience for a non profit organization.  Mail Pros is committed to helping non profit organizations be successful in their direct mail campaigns.  Money is tight for everyone in this economy, especially for non profit fundraising campaigns.

Direct Mail problems we see Non Profit organizations encounter:

  • Volunteers who are not familiar with design and non profit direct mail processes
  • Mailing lists with many address errors, dupes and no move updates
  • Improper direct mail piece design which can sometimes increase postage costs
  • Trying to save money doing it in house and ending up spending more on postage and less time on management.
  • Spending money on a yearly bulk mail permit fee when not necessary
  • Not filing to be approved by the USPS to mail at non profit bulk mail rates

We go the extra mile for Non Profit organizations and can help as follows:

  • Support and expert advice on your direct mail project from start to finish
  • We work very hard with you to help clean your list at no extra charge
  • Nonprofit Mail Pros customers receive a 10% discount on direct mail services
  • We save you money on USPS postage by presorting and using barcodes (that in itself can cover the cost of our direct mail services in many cases)
  • Use our bulk mailing permit and save the yearly fee
  • We will help and guide you in the application process to get approved to mail at non profit rates if you have not already done so.

There are several links below that you may find helpful in understanding the nonprofit direct mail process. The 3624 form link is the USPS application for the initial authorization. The 3623 form link can be filled out if you are already approved by the USPS but you would like to use our permit in Santa Ana, CA. The other two links are informational links to the USPS regarding Direct Mail for Non Profits.

USPS Non Profit Applications

Use this form for your original request to mail at non profit rates.

Use this form if you have already been approved to mail at non profit rates but would like to deliver your mail to an additional Post office location.