NCOA Move Update Mail List

In order to claim presort or automation rates and therefore pay the lowest postage rates possible, all mailing lists must be cleaned and updated by running the list through the NCOA (National Change of Address) process.  The process takes your list and compares it to the latest information submitted to the US Postal Service by people or businesses that have moved and submitted a change of address to the US Postal Service.

The process is mandated by the USPS so that costumers can claim and take advantage of the lowest presort and automation rates available.  The obvious benefits for the direct mail marketer are that print mailings will be sent to costumers that have changed location, or money will be saved by assuring mailings are sent to target demographics, residents or businesses.

Mail Pros direct mail and marketing experts includes the NCOA process as part of its direct mailing services package at no additional charge.