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Welcome to Mail Pros | We offer direct mail marketing and fulfillment services

Have You Ever Wondered, "What are the Best Bulk Direct Mailing Services & Fulfillment Centers Near Me?"

Are you looking for an affordable printing company in California to help you save time and money with your mailings?

Did you know that Mail Pros is one of the top-rated direct mail companies in Orange County?

Our Happy Clients Talk About Their Direct Mailing Experiences with Mail Pros

Katherine Eubanks

Mail Pros has done a wonderful job at taking care of huge and important mailers for our organization. They were able to manage our mailer, make envelopes for us to use for the mailing, and get our mailers out in an extremely timely manner. I cannot imagine having to complete our mailers without them.

C. Perry

California League of Schools has been using direct mail services for over 25 years. We have found Mail Pros to be one of the best! Communication is timely, our jobs are mailed fast and accurately, and the prices are lower than any other service provider we have used. We absolutely recommend them!

Shamika Polin

I was very impressed with this company. They knew exactly what I was asking for, quickly provided a quote, and worked all weekend to provide a quick turnaround time. My boss was very pleased, and we will definitely use Mail Pros for any future mailing projects!

When you know more about your audiences, preferences, and needs, it is more likely to engage them to attain your direct marketing goals.

Our highly targeted mailing lists will help you win your direct mail campaigns.

Achieving the results you want depends on knowing your audience and the factors that motivate them to take action. Whether you are familiar with your targeted market or have just started establishing solid and profitable connections to it, we will provide mailing lists that significantly increase your leads and, eventually, your sales.

We have a list of over 150 million homes, apartments, and trailer residents, as well as 12 million business locations. to ensure that our occupant mailing lists are accurate and up to date, we only use top-rated procurement services. we also offer carrier route targeting on our occupant data based on average income, median age, property value, length of residence, and demography along the carrier route. Communities within the same carrier route often look the same, and using an occupant mailing list can significantly reduce the costs of your postcard mailing campaigns by claiming saturation rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Response Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a marketing approach where physical promotional packages and interactive mailers are sent to targeted audiences via mailing carriers. A direct mail package includes three main components;

  • a design or specific sign that identifies the client,
  • a call to action (CTA),
  • a way for the customer to contact the business owner conducting the campaign.

Some most common mass mailing services include brochures, letters, flyers, packages, newsletters, catalogs, postcards, and coupon envelopes.  in addition to the mailed item, mailing lists are another essential component of a successful mailing campaign.


The mailing list is an archive of names and addresses of businesses or occupants, which can be used by any organization or individuals to send promotional or information packages via a mailing campaign. There are at least two major types of mailing lists. An announcement list is a list of individuals who can send physical newsletters and advertisements via a carrier. A discussion list is the second type of mailing list, where members of a community can broadcast their items to the other members. 

They Have a Great Response Rate
Advertising mails have the fastest response, compared to other marketing methods, rate. Based on the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), they have remarkable response rates of between 5 and 9%.

They Get Opened And Read
About 53% of Americans read the mailing package they receive, which is much higher than other marketing mediums. This number is based on an analysis performed by U.S. Postal services (USPS).

They Are Highly Targeted
Dimensional mailers can be designed to be highly personalized, using lists of consumers that extend far beyond the name and addresses and include information about age, professions, habits, etc. These highly personalized and relevant packages enable marketers to target their desired audiences more precisely than ever.

They Are Versatile And Creative
There are nearly unlimited options to design an advertising mail creatively compared to their digital alternatives. There are strict standards for online banners and ads, whereas physical packages can be created in any form, shape, and size to be more attractive to the targeted audiences.
They are Cost-effective Targeted mails can be designed and prepared for any budget. According to another study by DMA, the cost of a direct advertising campaign is competitive with online media, with an average ROI of 29%.
Fulfillment services are the last and most crucial step of every direct advertising campaign. In a fulfillment distribution center, the printed materials will get prepared for packaging and mailing. Warehousing and fulfillment is a complex and time-consuming process, where many companies prefer to outsource. However, in Mail Pros USA, we have a group of marketing specialists who prepare professional-looking mass mailing packages arriving at your audience’s door.
The cost of direct mailers is controlled by several factors, including the type of mailer, the number of mail pieces, and the marketing fulfillment services that clients choose for their campaigns. The prices are mainly based on the weight of the mailer; thus, oversized parcels and catalogs are typically more expensive than postcards.

Advertising mails can be in any shape and size. The clients’ budget and marketing goals dictate the type of mailers they need for their upcoming campaign. The following are the common types of direct or bulk mails that are sent to customers.

  • Postcards are usually used for event promotions and quick announcements. They are cost-effective options to announce new products, services, and grand openings.
  • Letters are usually used for surveys and fundraisers and typically include a letter and a response form.
  • Catalogs are used mainly by companies to represent their product lines fully or partially. Catalogs may also contain special offers or sale announcements
  • Wraps and insets are typically within other mailers such as catalogs and magazines and promote sale events.
  • Dimensional mailers are the most expensive direct bulk mailers. Pop-ups and 3D elements are used in their designs, and their primary use is for the targeted advertisements.

Mail Pros is a full service direct mail house that has operated in Orange County for over 20 years. We offer mail piece design services for postcards, brochures, letters, and more. For those with direct mail marketing needs, we offer mailing lists, bulk mailing services and discounts. We also provide high quality and full color printing, and discounts for non-profit and governmental agencies.

Mail Pros provides value to its costumers by providing personalized customer service and leveraging its capacities and relationships that have grown strong over the past years. We serve people from all over the United States and in other parts of the world as well. Their direct mail marketing campaigns have been successful, in part, due to our technological savvy and capacity to communicate directly and effectively.

We provide expert services with regards to nonprofit direct mail, mail piece design, USPS Ancillary Service endorsements, mailing templates, specialty mailing lists, product recall services, direct mail campaigns and fulfillment services. To learn more about our direct mail marketing and printing services in Irvine, CA, please contact us today and our excellent team will assist you.

Printing and Design Services

We offer high quality printing and design services catered to meet your needs. Print in black and white and/or color. We do brochures, letterhead, UV coated gloss postcards, notepads, envelopes and can alter each to satisfy your direct mail marketing and printing needs.

Mailing and Fulfillment Services

We are a full service direct mail house. That means we can help you find the mailing list that targets effectively and assure that your materials reach intended audiences in a timely matter. After design and print we warehouse your materials and send those off whenever direct mail marketing needs arise.

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